Welcome to AKCC Group

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AKCC is formed for the renewal & rehabilitation of the war turned country Afghanistan where people are dire in need. The companys mission is to help & provide services to the people of Afghanistan working through national & international NGOs & companies. Recently the company has gained a great reputation for its trustable services to US Army & other intl agencies. We are here to design the future of your dreams. If it is the construction of a high building or a military service, we are ready to meet the challenges.

Key Figures
  1. Company Name: A.K.C.C (Abdul Kabir Construction Company)
  2. Established Date: 2005
  3. AISA License No: D-30816
  4. Director General: Abdul Latif Malik
  5. Certificates: Exceptional Service by: Combined Security Transition Command Afghanistan, US Army
  6. Business Status: Pvt. Ltd
  7. Business Category: Construction, Road Building, Providing Construction Materials, Furniture & Furnishings on-Demand Supplies/Services.
  8. Business Clients: Afghan Govt., US Army, ISAF, UN, Int NGOs Local Contractors and ResidentsGeograpahic Market: World Wide
  9. Focused Market: Central Asia